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Our talented, international, and diverse team strives to offer you the best possible solutions to your home remodeling doubts and queries. We work together to bring you the latest and most in-depth information out there.

Chad Emery
CTO and Founder

As founder Chad Emery Studio, Chad has always strived to create technology that makes it easier for homeowners to find service professionals and make the right decisions about home improvement projects. With more than 20 years of design experience, he leads Chad Emery Studio's technical team and makes sure the best practices and the latest methodologies to streamline processes.

Irena Martin
Industry Analyst

Irena is an industry analyst at Chad Emery Studio. She analyzes and looks for visual ways to simplify data. At Chad Emery Studio, she continually strives to give homeowners the best advice on investing in their homes.

Stefania Filizola

Stefania is a designer at Chad Emery Studio. She applies her expertise to create most of the site's graphics and data visualizations, while maintaining's image throughout. She is constantly finding innovative ways to educate homeowners through visual aids.

Adam Graham
Construction Industry Analyst

Adam Graham is a construction industry analyst. He has experience writing about home construction, interior design, and real estate, and he is constantly searching for news and analyzing trends in the home improvement and decor industry. He communicates with experts and journalists to make sure we provide the most up-to-date and fact-checked information.

Anna Karlsson

Anna is responsible for developing brand promotion strategies, identifying target audiences, analyzing competitors, conducting marketing research, creating advertising campaigns, organizing events to attract customers and improve brand awareness, and managing the company's social media and website.

Kristina Nilsson
Assistant Designer

She performs various tasks related to interior design, such as preparing drawings and schematics, selecting materials and furniture, searching for decorative elements, maintaining documentation, communicating with clients and suppliers. She can also participate in overall planning and design concept development, preparing presentations and visualizing projects.

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