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Cottage near the pond

251 m2, Bedroom - 4, Bathroom - 2

Cottage near the pond is a true family "island" where you can live for generations. This is a family residence of almost 251 m2, made in the modern style of Wright, bringing any building closer to the natural environment and nature. First of all, the organic nature of the house can be traced in the exterior decoration. It is represented by a combined facade, which is made from several materials.

Cottage for the big family

387 m2, Bedroom - 5, Bathroom - 4

Cottage for the big family is very convenient and comfortable for life, in which there is a place for everything from your favorite work to a pleasant rest and pastime with loved ones.

cottage for an adult couple

187 m2, Bedroom - 3, Bathroom - 3

A cottage for an adult couple was based on an unusual architectural style called the Wright style. It differs from the classics in many ways: focus on unity with nature, the concept of a single continuous space and organic design.

Cottage for summer

405 m2, Bedroom - 5, Bathroom - 5

It is comfortable to live in Cottage for summer for those who like the idea of maximum unity with nature. A lot of light enters through panoramic windows, a large covered terrace provides a smooth flow from the interior to the street, and an open layout creates a feeling of complete freedom.

Cottage near a forest

257 m2, Bedroom - 4, Bathroom - 4

Cottage near a forest is a spacious and comfortable home that combines modesty and elegance. As a building in the style of the architect Wright, who dreamed of the absolute harmony of the house with nature, the cottage is freed from the captivity of unnaturalness, bulkiness and monotony of structures. The house stretches along, not up, merges with the terrain and does not stand out from the environment.

Cottage with modern equipment

529 m2, Bedroom - 6, Bathroom - 6

Cottage with modern equipment is a combination of austerity and sophistication, conservatism and restraint, which are characteristic of the English style. The building fully and completely reflects the adherence to traditions. Inside the house there is a fireplace, as required by the English style. It is the fireplace that is the center of the living room, which adjoins the dining room, and that - to the kitchen. The rooms are combined into one block, but have a sufficient level of isolation due to delimitation by an arch and a door.

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