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When building in Humboldt, eight different governmental agencies may be involved. We help negotiate that process. Have a new parcel you want to develop, we can help you realize your ideas.


Chad Emery Studio values the fusion of art and science in architecture. Our design principles prioritize honesty and practicality while offering various styles to accommodate the unique tastes and preferences of our clients. The common thread throughout all of our designs is the goal of creating a positive experience for the client. To achieve this, we employ interior design techniques that utilize materials, colors, and lighting in aesthetically pleasing and calming ways. During the concept design phase, the location is a crucial factor as the building must interact harmoniously with its surroundings. We can either make the building blend in or stand out by carefully considering the facade. Our architectural designs are developed by utilizing existing resources on-site, such as foliage, breezeways, and sunlight, to provide shade, light, and cooling for the building.

Technical supervision

Technical supervision is the process of overseeing a building project from start to finish to ensure that it meets design and safety standards. This service is incredibly valuable as it helps to identify and resolve any potential issues or mistakes before they become costly problems. Additionally, having a construction supervisor on-site can save time and money by ensuring that the project stays on track and within budget. Ultimately, investing in construction supervision can provide peace of mind and help to ensure the successful completion of a building project.


We infuse a touch of clients personality into a space! While interior design is about making a space feel like a cohesive whole, with the exterior as well as functionality of the building, it is also about invoking a feeling. This could be through indirect lighting, the interplay of hard and soft materials (juxtaposing marble slabs and plantation) or through a hand-crafted wrought iron sculpture. The designs are honest because our interior designers give the client an end-product that is well-thought-out and suited to their usage, specific requirements and taste.

Author supervision

Author's supervision in renovation is a service where a professional oversees the entire renovation process on behalf of the client. This includes monitoring the quality of materials, ensuring that work is completed on time and within budget, and addressing any issues that arise during the renovation. Clients should choose author's supervision to ensure that their renovation project is executed to the highest standard possible, and to avoid the stress and hassle of managing the project themselves. With the author's supervision, clients can trust that their vision for the renovation will be realized and that their investment will result in a high-quality, functional, and beautiful space.

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