1. hat is the timeline for building a house?

The construction period, under favorable weather conditions, is up to 4 months.

2. What factors make up the cost of a house?

The cost of a house is determined by the foundation, walls, partitions, roof, windows, "warm" floor system, utilities, electrical system, and pre-finishing of the walls. The price can vary significantly when building a house of the same size using different materials. We provide a commercial proposal with an attached estimate, which is prepared by our contractor based on the architectural project and selected materials.

3. What types of foundation and construction technologies do you use?

The choice of foundation type for a private house is influenced by many factors such as soil properties at the construction site, building size, materials used, groundwater level, etc. With our many years of experience and professional teams, we can implement any of the possible foundation types. We conduct engineering-geological surveys, after which we determine the safest foundation type for your house. Our construction technology involves using stone or block.

4. How long has Chad Emery Studio been offering its services?

Chad Emery Studio was founded in 2008 when we realized the numerous doubts about all types of remodeling, building, and repair projects. That is why we concentrated our efforts into creating comprehensive resources that answer every question homeowners and potential home buyers may have. Moreover, we have also been improving our contractor network to put our users in contact with the best professionals in their area, knowing that they are headed in the right direction when they decide to take the next step forward.

5. How does Chad Emery Studio work?

In addition, Chad Emery Studio can match homeowners and potential home buyers with contractors and service providers in their city for any home-related project they might need. They simply need to answer a series of questions so that we understand their needs and requirements. The contractors then contact our users via phone or email, offering competitive free quotes. Then, our users can compare the estimates and hire the contractor who best fits their needs.

6. How can Chad Emery Studio match me with the right service professional?

To find the best service professionals for our users, we ask you to submit a description of your service needs by answering a series of questions. Some are multiple choice for convenience, whereas others require you to write your answer. You can access these questions by clicking the "Get Local Cost" button or any other similar buttons appearing on our website. Once the form is completed, Chad Emery Studio matches the specific needs of our users with the predefined skills and geography parameters of our professionals. We choose those who will best serve the needs of each submitted project request.

7. How can I become an expert reviewer?

Chad Emery Studio works hard in collaboration with experts in all fields of the home improvement industry. They review and contribute their advice to our Cost Guides and Trends Reports.

8. What if I change my mind and want to cancel a project or contract?

If you have already signed a contract with a service professional, the decision to cancel this project contract will have to be worked out between you and the service professional.

9. What can I do to make sure I do not pay too much for my projects?

Pay close attention to quotes and contracts. It is your responsibility as a customer to get quotes, and all prices should be clearly stated on contracts. Ensure all the quotes include the same materials, supplies, and equipment to make the comparison easier. If something is unclear to you, ask the service professional questions. To see average costs for any remodeling, building, or repair project, look at our cost guides.

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