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In 2008, Chademerystudio was established with the recognition of the multitude of uncertainties that arise in relation to any renovation, construction, or maintenance undertaking. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to producing comprehensive materials that address all inquiries you may have about your project - ranging from pricing details and essential factors to employment recommendations and industry developments. With this information at your disposal, you will possess all the necessary knowledge for your next remodeling endeavor. Additionally, we facilitate your connection with the top-rated experts in your locality, ensuring that you are on the correct path when progressing to the subsequent phase.





Styles we work with


The classic style in cottage construction is characterized by symmetry, harmonious proportions, and exquisite details. It usually includes the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and brick, as well as adorned columns, pediments, and cornices. Classic homes typically have a two-story layout and large windows to provide maximum natural light and brightness.


The Scandinavian style in homes is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. The color palette is usually light and muted, with a focus on natural materials like wood, stone, and leather. Furniture is typically sleek and modern with clean lines. The design prioritizes natural light and open spaces, with an emphasis on cozy textures and layers. Overall, the Scandinavian style creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both practical and stylish.


The Chalet style in homes is characterized by its cozy and rustic feel. The design incorporates natural materials like wood and stone, with a focus on warm and earthy colors. The architecture often features sloping roofs with wide overhangs, as well as large windows to take in the surrounding scenery. Interiors are typically decorated with cozy textiles, such as wool and fur, to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The Chalet style is popular in mountainous regions and is a great choice for those seeking a cozy and inviting home.

Timber Frame

The Timber Frame style, also known as Fachwerk, is characterized by its exposed wooden frame construction. This style originated in medieval Europe and is popular for its traditional and charming look. Fachwerk homes often have steeply pitched roofs and the wood frames are filled with plaster or brick. The design features intricate details and patterns in the timber framing, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. Interiors often have a cozy and warm atmosphere, with wood paneling and exposed beams. The Timber Frame style is a great choice for those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship and a unique, rustic look in their home.

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